Hey all,

Dave LeeVee here. We had our 3rd show ever last night in Verona, NY. It was awesome! I can’t think of a better band for The LeeVees to be on the road with than The Barenaked Ladies. Their fans are like a BIG, warm, fuzzy blanket. We are a band that most of them have never heard of but they just embrace/accept us from the get go. They also love to laugh, as do we.

The other thing that I am quickly learning from the few shows we have done is that Jewish people at the shows are simply ecstatic that they actually have some good modern music to rock out to Hanukkah with but, the non Jews are loving it also. It makes them curious about some of the subjects we are singing about in the songs. After the show several non-Jews were asking me detailed questions about “what is a goy” and also asking me to explain “Kugel.” That is what we were trying to do with this CD. We wanted it to be about Hanukkah yet, appeal to everybody.

Speak to you soon,
Dave LeeVee

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