Adam LeeVee – Vocals, Guitar

Over the years, I have been told that I don’t really look Jewish. Well, I think this record will sort of seal the deal. I am not the J.Crew Irish kid that you all thought I was.

Also — no matter what a band is called, they always get: “Where’d you get the name?” I’m used to this being a sore subject in my other band. For The LeeVees however, there’s actually a response to this question. My rabbi growing up was Rabbi Levy. I liked the idea of using his name way more than calling ourselves “Jewy Jew-Jew and the Jewtones” — duh Dave, what were you thinking?

David LeeVee – Vocals, Guitar

A Bar Mitzavah memory by Dave: Though I was about to step into manhood, I was still a bit difficult. I remember asking my mother at my Bar Mitzvah, “Why don’t we have a live band?” She said that the bands I requested were too expensive and completely unrealistic. I pouted and explained that I could understand The Beatles and The Who, but couldn’t she at least get the Cars? Cut to: 13 years later. I was having trouble finding subjects for songs. I decided to write songs only about hockey. Then I started a band with some good friends called The Zambonis. We wrote and sang songs only about…hockey! For the past 15 years it’s been songs about hockey, life, love but always hockey. You get the idea. Luckily, Adam asked me to write some songs about Hanukkah. I now only write songs about Jews and hockey. You can also find me entertaining thousands of fans at every home game for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Since the year 2000, I have been the on ice MC.

Michael LeeVee – Drums

Michael LeeVee was not bar mitzvahed. He does not know a word of Hebrew except “shalom,” he has never played dreidel, nor has he ever eaten kugel. So what makes him Jewish? Well, you’ll have to get to know him a lot better to find out! In the meantime, check out his other band the King of France!

Shawn LeeVee – Bass

Shawn LeeVee was born Shawn Matthew Fogel on December 12th, 1981. He read from
the Torah and made his mother kvell on November 12th, 1994. Shawn attended
Hampshire College in Amherst, MA where he studied songwriting, performance,
audio engineering & studio recording, and music business. When he’s not
playing bass in The LeeVees, Shawn writes his own songs and plays all the
instruments on the albums.

Shank Bone Mystic – Keyboards

Shank Bone Mystic is a direct descendant on his mother’s side of the great Kabbalists. Centuries ago his forefathers Chaim Vital and Moses de Leon laid instrumental groundwork in Jewish mysticism that is still blowing minds and melting faces today. On his father’s side he had an aunt who was executed for plotting against the Czar. His rebbe father preaches from the pulpit, Shank preaches from the stage. His lineage of mind bending brainworkers and subversive assassins has given him the DNA needed to be one of the most potent sources of Jewish rock badassedness performing today. When he’s not lending his super-powers to The Leevees, you can find him tearing up stages with Brooklyn’s own The Shank Bone Mystic Project.

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